Redemptio – Punishment through darkness

After months of procrastination I finally turned the last page of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem Divine comedy. Working my way through the book I marveled at the fluid writing style and unparalleled level of imagination. I must admit the book is by no means a easy read and various times I had to re-read sections even when I was making notes as I went along.

The book had a profound effect on my opinion towards life after death even though I am by no means a very spiritual person. I would not say I classify myself as a atheist since I have had events occur in my life where I have had difficulty justifying to myself their outcome.

However, I am not here to critique the writers work since I don’t think I am qualified enough to do so; considering the endless professors and scholars who have already covered the work in microscopic detail.

As mentioned the book has had a profound effect on me. Therefore, this lead me to write a short story about discovering oneself through punishment. I don’t want to mention much since it would reduce the impact of the work. I would rather have reader make up their own mind.

I am still working on this. For guidance the sections are split through body parts signifying the start of the next section.

The first post will begin with the first section titled “Hand I”.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.


Hand I

Blood shot eyes, tied hands in a nightmarish realm

The walls pulsating like veins

But I can’t scream

My mouth sewed with silver needle brace

Cutting though my flesh with each movement of skin

I get up dragging my soulless limbs towards the only door

The closer I move the more distant the knob

How am I to open the door with my hands tied so tight

God help me awake from this torment of a sleep

Where am I?  What curse is this that clouds my vision?


I look around nothing but red flesh pulsating violently

With each step I take the walls close in



What’s that I hear?


The grotesque walls of flesh grow face of those familiar but forgotten

Reaching out restrained making the elastic flesh stretch

Letting out screeching screams of hopelessness and pain

Their black eyes rolling violently and in their moment of calm fixed on me

Some I can tell some I can’t

Some children, some adult

I let out a scream

Pinch myself with nails penetrating my skin but I don’t bleed


I lay on the ground hoping to close my eyes and wake to the embrace of reality

The stench of blood fills my nose the bottom of the walls open holes

Something red pours from the gaping wounds it fills the room until my knees

I run towards the door in a hurry before I drown

My hands tied, can’t reach the knob


‘Help! Help me from this torment!’


The room starts to shake violently a face forms on the back wall

Bigger more scarred than the others

He stares directly at me with his dark red pupils

And says with a deep demonic tone


‘You wonder?’

‘You wonder where you are?’


I comfort myself in my thoughts ‘This is not real is a dream, is not real’


The figure opens his mouth a tongue slithers like snake

Towards my direction and drags me towards the fiend


‘You will not leave this place, for tonight you will be forced to repent – only then you may be worthy to escape this darkness that grasps your soul’

‘With each of your sins you will pay with skin and bone, blood and tears’

‘You could end this with a single word’

‘But let your stubbornness guide you and be prepared for eternal damnation – for you should not rest tonight for tonight you are mine’


By the time he threw me into the pool of warmth

I realised I had to free my hands whatever the cost or I shall take my last breath

I violently rubbed my hand against the brace

With each movement – the faces scream more violently

Others drowning in the raising pool of blood

I pull and pull and feel the sharp metal cut through my skin

I feel it beneath the barrier and stretching into the bones

The blood in the room getting hotter

The pain now so intense I can’t breathe

I let out a scream ripping lips from stitches as they part

I continue to scream but feel no more pain

I let one hand free in the expense of another completely swad off

Using what strength I have I swim towards the door

Weakly turning the knob

The force of the blood like waves wash opens the door

I go along washed with it

A sudden loss of gravity stops my heart

I go past thunder and clouds until

I hit something solid

All darkness follows.



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